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Why we do it?

The job market is changing rapidly. New skills are required and are required faster than people can learn them. Due to the automation and technology we see jobs disappear and new jobs with new skills are required. Even for professionals who have been working in the same industry for years nothing is as it was 10 years ago.
To cope with all those changes it would require that workers are to be trained and educated on a daily basis. On the other, this is not in the interest to employers as all time spent on training can be considered as a net loss for the company. This means that education and training needs to be as efficient as possible, with learning speed and knowledge retention maximized.
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How we do it?

Enter Virtual Reality! We aim to maximize learning speed and knowledge retention by providing ultimate learning experience, where users can feel at home! Simply put on the glasses and learn new skills by doing them in virtual reality. However this is not the end. We track user's biometric data, such as gaze direction, and adapt learning experience according to the estimated learning quality.
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The Future


We are anticipating the need of workers that require continuously adaptive 21st century knowledge and skills.
Our aim is to take the VR training to the next level by monitoring construction workers' biometrics to enable i) greater knowledge retention, ii) accelerated and adaptive learning activity, iii) virtually simulated environment that generates personal process learning pathways, and iv) personal progress data analysis. 

Biometric. Adaptive.

The current commercial solutions focus only on VR training, while the academic community usually focuses on utuilizing scarce biometric data in teaching method adaptation. We aim to go further, and take VR learning into the future where wealth of bimoetric based insights will be combined with machine learning estimatio to achieve the ultimate learning experience! Imaging having a teacher that can understand automatically if you are struggling with some material and help you with additional exercises.
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